Jimmie Lanley

Jimmie’s Collage and The Notebooking Fairy

How to Take Charge of Your Homeschool with Notebooking

Notebooks work for both mom and for students. Learn how to organize your homeschool, document your lessons, and stay centered on your goals with a mom’s homeschool notebook. Hear what to put in it, how to set it up, and how to use it.

Then discover how to use notebooking with your children to maximize their learning. Notebooking is a flexible and affordable instructional method that works with any style of education whether Charlotte Mason, textbook, classical, or unschooling. Learn the secret of notebooking that simplifies your lesson planning and organizes your children’s work.

Brenda Dickinson

Home Education Foundation

An Overview of Current Legislation and Its Ultimate Impact on Homeschoolers

Brenda Dickinson, Home Education Foundation founder and Florida homeschool lobbyist , will give an update on the latest legal news concerning homeschooling and answer your questions regarding: Florida Homeschool laws, free curriculum, district control FCAT, Bright Futures, virtual school options, and any other homeschool related questions you may have.

Karen Pittman

Classical Conversations

Classical Conversations is a national organization with local communities in nearly every state and abroad. Our highly advanced academic program meets the needs of students Grades K- 12th. Our families meet once per week and partner with trained, experienced parent-tutors who model the Classical approach to education with a firm and deep foundation of a biblical worldview in all subjects.

Karin Taylor

Ed Resources Online and Passport Academy

The Best Online (and offline) Multi Media Teaching Tools

Do you consider your homeschool tech savvy or technically challenged? Would you like to learn how to make your lessons come alive through multi-media teaching? As home educators the world is literally at your fingertips. With a click of your mouse you have access to an incredible array of online educational resources & tools. Many of the tools are absolutely free and a few are available for just a nominal charge. Join Karin Taylor as she shares her favorite online (and offline) finds to help you take your homeschool to the next level.

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